u-he has released version alpha 0.4 of Bazille, a modular synthesizer plug-in within the Berlin Modular System.

u-he Berlin Modular: Bazille

u-he Berlin Modular: Bazille

Bazille is one of three main synthesizers currently planned for the Berlin Modular; Bazille (modular FM/PD synth), ACE XL (see ACE, but twice as many things), L.u.s.h. (lush u-he synth, supersaws, pads + formant filters).

Changes in Bazille 0.4 alpha

  • Speed improvements on Windows (hopefully).
  • New 3d-ish wires.
  • Right-click wire input plug to find wire drawing options.
  • Sequence wires by connecting an input plug with another input plug (must be occupied).

Bazille v0.4 alpha for PC and Mac is available as a free download from u-he.

More information: u-he / Bazille