Universal Audio has announced the release of UAD Software v9.2, offering 5 new UAD-2 Plug-Ins from Universal Audio and its Direct Development Partners.

Antares Auto Tune Realtime

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime – $249 USD

Legendary for its vocal enhancing and creative applications, the Antares Auto-Tune effect revolutionized vocal production, and is a must-have tool for the modern music producer’s toolkit.

A UA exclusive, Antares Auto-Tune Realtime for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is the ultimate low-latency tuning solution — optimized for instant live vocal tracking in the studio or on stage.

Antares Auto-Tune Realtime features

  • Realtime Auto-Tune® pitch correction for Apollo audio interfaces and UAD-2 hardware.
  • Create the iconic Auto-Tune® Vocal Effect or fine tune a vocal performance.
  • Ultra low-latency on stage or when tracking in the studio.
  • Realtime MIDI control of target notes during performances.
  • Vibrato, Humanize, and Flex-Tune controls offer pitch correction that is natural and realistic.
  • Includes Artist Presets from Mike Dean (Kanye West), Jess Jackson (Tyga, Chris Brown), and Dean Coleman.

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection – $299 USD ($149 USD upgrade price from SSL G Bus Compressor Legacy plug-in).

Integral to the hit-making SSL sound, the G Bus Compressor is legend for making mixes bigger, more powerful, and punchy, all the while enhancing cohesion and clarity.

Officially licensed and approved by Solid State Logic®, Universal Audio proudly unveils the SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection, a thorough circuit emulation that goes beyond UA’s original SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in by adding major workflow enhancements while capturing every sonic element of the iconic hardware.

SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection features

  • Painstakingly modeled by Universal Audio’s plug-in design team, licensed and authenticated by Solid State Logic.
  • Beloved 4000 G era compressor design, measured from the all-discrete hardware.
  • Specially tailored dynamic characteristics ideal for compressing full mix or subgroups.
  • Provides the entire circuit path and control set of the stereo dual-VCA compressor.
  • Signature 4000 G features include fixed range Attack and Release including program-dependent “Auto” release, and Auto Fade.
  • Plug-in exclusive features include SC Filter, Dry/Wet parallel processing and Headroom for user-customizable operating level.
  • Includes low-DSP Legacy SSL G Bus Compressor plug-in.
  • Includes presets from Just Blaze (Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar), Peter Mokran (The Flaming Lips, Mary J. Blige), Ian Boxill (Prince, Tupac), and more.
Fuchs Train II Amplifier

Fuchs Train II Amplifier – $149 USD

Developed by Brainworx and officially endorsed by Fuchs Audio Technology, the Fuchs Train II guitar amplifier plug-in perfectly emulates the tonal complexity of this powerful boutique tone machine that has been a go-to for the likes of Mark Knopfler, Brad Paisley, and Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen.

Fuchs Train II Amplifier features

  • Exacting emulation of the original Fuchs Train II guitar amp.
  • Endorsed and fully authenticated by Fuchs Audio Technology.
  • 100 Recording Chains with multiple speaker cabinet impulse responses – captured in Brainworx´s studio using the NEVE VXS72 console, stellar outboard gear, and world-class microphones.
  • FX Rack features Vintage delay, noise gate, filter controls, internal power soak, and pre- and post-amp bypass.
  • Feels like a real amp when played through Apollo’s Realtime UAD Processing.
  • Physical input impedance and hands-on control of gain staging with Unison technology.

Exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Pure Plate Reverb – $149 USD

Engineered by the modeling experts at Universal Audio, Pure Plate Reverb offers the organic, lush sonics of plate reverb in a simple, affordable package — and with all of the essential features.

Perfect for beginners and pros alike, Pure Plate Reverb gives any source the unmistakable warmth and texture that only plate reverb can provide.

Pure Plate Reverb features

  • Instantly musical and familiar sound of mechanical plate reverb used on records from the ’50s to today.
  • A one-stop reverb that sounds right on any mix, any source, any genre.
  • Simple control set, easy to dial in.
  • Low frequency input filtering, Pre Delay, Decay, two-band shelving EQ, Balance, and Dry/Wet mix.
  • Includes Artist Presets from Patrick Carney (The Black Keys), Richard Chycki (Rush, Dream Theater) Chuck Zwicky (Prince, The Time) and more.
Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier

Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier – $149 USD

Developed by Softube, the Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier plug-in is an exacting emulation of this industry standard bass amp, down to its onboard bi-amping, compression, 5-band EQ, and magical Enhance knob.

Exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier features

  • Exacting emulation of the original Eden WT800 Bass Amplifier.
  • Endorsed and fully authenticated by Eden Amplification.
  • Unique amplifier with two cabinets plus a DI channel which can be blended to taste in the mixer section.
  • Microphone selection and placement made by renown producer and bass player Troy Antunes in Kore Studios, London.
  • Four separate mics per cabinet (D112, RE20, U47 Tube, and 121 for the Eden 4 x 10″ and D112, RE20, Melodium Type R and U47 Tube for the Eden 1 x 15″).
  • Feels like a real amp when played through Apollo’s Realtime UAD Processing.
  • Physical input impedance and hands-on control of Gain staging with Unison technology.

UAD Software 9.2 also includes various new features, enhancements and changes. Check the release notes for details.

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