Ueberschall The Voice Vol. 1

Ueberschall has released 2 new additions to the Liquid Instrument Series: The Voice vol.1 and The Voice Vol.2.

Both libraries feature 300 vocal phrases between 2 and 8 bars, focused mainly on pop, dance and RnB productions.
Whereas The Voice vol. 1 has verbal vocal lines such as “listen to the groove” and “ready for my love”, vol. 2 features non-verbal melodic lines.

The vocal phrases of a choir have independently editable voices. This means it is possible to change a single voice within a choir – independently from the other lines – and to adjust it to your own needs. You can basically create every vocal harmony and every chord progression you can think of.


  • control audio material as simply as midi data
  • change notes within the phrase
  • adapt tempo and key
  • select from a wide range of musical scales
  • control all parameters in realtime
  • pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
  • easily generate your individual setup
  • high quality Melodyne technology
  • multiple content management
  • edit start and ending
  • quick sound browser
  • all parameters midi controllable
  • sync to host
  • great bandwidth of styles
  • highest quality recording equipment

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