Ugo has announced a Holiday Sale, your chance to get Ugo’s instrument and effect plug-ins at discounted prices.

We are rapidly approaching the holidays once again. It’s that time of year where many of us focus our attention on buying gifts for our friends and family. But first, why not splurge a little and get yourself something?

To encourage this minor self indulgence, I am having my first sale ever, and it’s a big one!

Holiday Sale prices

  • The Big Bundle: $60 (normally $99)
    6 VSTs for only $60, that is more than half off the individual purchase price! Includes:

    • M-theory – Physicial modeling hybrid synth
    • Ironhead – Morphing percussion synth
    • Disturbance – Experimental slicer
    • Metallurgy – The ever popular multi effect
    • Dualism – Dual programmable arpeggiator
    • Tunguska – Morphing multi effect
  • Individual VST sales:
    • M-theory: $25 – Bonus: comes with Dualism (normally $35)
    • Ironhead: $25 – Bonus: comes with Tunguska (normally $35)
    • Disturbance: $25 – Bonus: comes with 75 loops from Perimeter Sound Arts (normally $35)
    • Metallurgy: $15 (normally $20)

The Holiday Sale only lasts until December 1st so check out demos and audio demos at Ugo now.

Visit Ugo for more information.