UGO Ironhead VSTi

UGO has released Ironhead, a morphing percussion synth, which comes bundled with Tunguska, a morphing multi effect.

Ironhead’s morphing allows you morph, or switch, between two different control states for each instrument. It aslo has a variance feature which allows you to set an adjustable degree of random variation in the sound.

Ironhead features

  • Fast, fun, and easy interface
  • 15 unique sounding percussion instruments
  • Morphing (controled by LFO, VST automation, MIDI)
  • Variance
  • Dual delay (BPM sync with dotted notes)
  • Kit randomizer
  • 172 preset kits

UGO Tunguska VST
Tunguska’s two key components are its granulator and filter, both of which can be morphed between two states, allowing you to bring additional movement to your grooves.


  • Fast and fun interface style of Ironhead
  • Pitch shifting granulator (morphable)
  • Resonant filter (morphable)
  • Distortion
  • Downsampling
  • Dual delay (BPM sync with dotted notes)
  • Morphing (controled by LFO, VST automation, MIDI)
  • Envelope follower
  • Stereo signal path
  • 32 presets

Ironhead and Tunguska are bundled for a price of $40. For only $10 you can add Metallurgy to this bundle and for registered Metallurgy users the Ironhead/Tunguska bundle is offered at $30 (valid through 10/31/06).

Sounds like a superb deal to me, so head over to UGO’s website for more information and a link to download the demo and listen to sound clips.