Ugritone has launched a sale in celebration of its 5th birthday, offering discounts of up to over 90% off on selected plugins and sound packs for a few days only.

There’s always a reason to celebrate, eh? Well this time it’s our B-day! 5 years, altho full of work, it’s been pretty great! And what’s most important we’ve managed to keep on doing what we love, thank you for all the support during the years, some of you have been with us from the very beginning! And thank you if you’ve just stumbled across our page for the first time, for being here and checking everything out.

To celebrate, we’re introducing a discount sale on items from along the years, something old, something new!

During the promotion, the following products are only $5 USD each:

  • KVLT Drums: Catered to cover all areas of ’80s & ’90s underground black metal drum sound (regular $45 USD).
  • RIOT Drums 2: The ’90s Skate Punk & Hardcore drum tone at the tip of your fingers (regular $59 USD).
  • 1989Verb: ’80s digital reverb VST plugin (regular $45 USD).
  • Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack: Over 140 beats and fills, including blast beats, triplet beats, and more (regular $15 USD).
  • HC Essentials MIDI Pack: Over 120 beats and fills, including 2 steps, thrash beats, beatdowns, breakdowns, and buildups (regular $15 USD).
  • Death Metal Essentials MIDI Pack: Over 190 beats and fills inspired by the Florida Death Metal scene of the 80s/90s, including blast beats, carpet rolls, 4/4 beats, 3/4 beats, and more (regular $15 USD).

The offer is valid until February 28th, 2022. Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get an additional 20% discount on your purchase.

More information: Ugritone