Ugritone has announced its upcoming Vintage Doom Expansion for the KVLT Drums II virtual drum instrument.

The expansion brings the classic drum sound of 1970’s/1980’s Doom Metal, featuring 6 snares, 2 kicks, a full set of toms, and 10 cymbals (hihat, crashes, chinas, splashes, stacks, ride).

Big & bright cymbals, dark and thunderous drums. Hand-picked Shells & Cymbals for Stoner, Sludge, Drone, Punk, Black Metal & Traditional Heavy Metal

The expansion is set to be available on April 23rd as part of the “Spring of DOOM”, which also sees the release of the Doom Metal Anthology MIDI Pack, and MiniFuzz and DoomBazz impulse response packs.

You can join the Ugritone mailing list now for an exclusive launch day deal on the Vintage Doom Collection, and to get a 30% discount code for use on a purchase at the Ugritone store.

More information: Ugritone