Industrial Strength Samples has launched the UK Techno Production Bundle, a complete set of production tools for Techno music.

Industrial Strength UK Techno Production Bundle

What do Dave the Drummer, Gev Farley, Chris Liberator, Sterling Moss and Jamie Ball have in common, besides being legends of U.K Techno. This Amazing Techno Bundle of course. Now you can have all of these top notch producer packs at a special 50% discount for a limited time offer.

This amazing bundle pack offers up thousands of 24 Bit License Free Audio samples for you to dig into. ISR’s U.K, Techno Bundle includes 6 smoke ready audio joints with enough content to create and inspire multiple styles of Techno Music.

From Acid Techno to thee most Modern Techno sounds around these fantastic production tools can give you the edge while producing this intense music style which we hold so dear. This over stuffed bundle offers up loads of Drum Shots, Music loops, Drum Loops, Synth Sounds, Bass-lines, Effects and of course ear shattering Acid Bass sounds from the god father of London Acid Techno.

UK Techno Production features

UK Techno Production Bundle is available from Loopmasters for a limited time only, priced at £57.95 GBP (save £77.75 GBP).

More information: Loopmasters / UK Techno Production Bundle