UnitOvOne DIY Demons1

UnitOvOne has released UOO Samples Series 001 – “DIY Demons-1″, a free sample library by Dustin E.

Confounded from circuit bent toys from Camp Grey Skull, this pack includes 8 full length sessions of each toy in 24 bit wav format. We decided to leave these sessions unchopped and in their entirety for you to mangle, distort, disassemble, and contort as desired.

Some toys included in this round are Vtech Discovery Nursery Barn, modded Throbbing Gristle’s Gristelism, Kawasaki Big Bam Boom Machine, Barbie Karaoke (also with Granular Delayed version), a Toy Chainsaw (thank you Tamm-Buckle), a Turntable toy turned Gangsta Chain (thank you Hulke), and a contact mic session attached to a half broken acoustic guitar ran through a granular delay.

UOO Samples Series 001 is available as a free download.

More information: UnitOvOne / DIY Demons-1