Universal Audio FATSO Sr.

Universal Audio has released UAD Software Version 5.4.1, the lastest version of the UAD Powered Plug-Ins Software.

UAD Software Version 5.4.1 provides minor functional and sonic improvements to the FATSO Jr./Sr. Powered Plug-In, as well as a new “Clear CPU Affinity” setting for Windows users, which reduces CPU spiking on most multi-processor systems.

Changes in UAD Software Version 5.4.1

  • [UAD-2] FATSO Jr./Sr. – Minor functional and sonic changes improve usability and emulation accuracy:
    • All LEDs turn off when power disabled.
    • Ch 2 parameters default to OFF/”0″ in mono instance.
    • Improvements to interaction between Compressor threshold and Tranny circuit.
    • Removed discontinuities in the saturation curve at clip level.
    • Copy+Paste settings from mono to stereo now working.
    • IMPORTANT: FATSO Jr./Sr. v5.4.1 session and preset settings are not backwards compatible with v5.4.0.
  • [Windows] New “Clear CPU Affinity” setting reduces CPU spiking on most multiprocessor systems (UAD-2 only).
  • [RTAS] UAD v5.4.1 does not include the latest version of the Mellowmuse ATA RTAS plug-in. We recommend downloading and installing the latest ATA version after updating to UAD v5.4.1. The latest ATA version is available directly from the Mellowmuse website.

More information: Universal Audio