VCV has launched Host, a new plugin for the VCV Rack open-source virtual modular synthesizer featuring two modules for hosting VST plugins inside VCV Rack.

VCV Host modules

The plugin allows you to control up to 16 VST automation parameters and MIDI controls with CV in Rack.

For hosting VST instruments, synthesizers, samplers, and sound generators, use Host, which includes 1V/oct pitch CV and gate inputs. When the gate voltages rises, a MIDI note is triggered according to the current 1V/oct signal, rounded to the nearest note. This note is held until the gate falls to 0V.

Only monophonic playing is supported at this time (depending on whether polyphonic cables will be implemented in Rack). However, polyphony may be achieved by “strumming” a polyphonic VST instrument by quickly playing multiple notes with a long release time.

For hosting VST effects, processors, and pedals, use Host-FX, which includes stereo audio inputs. The right input is normalized to the left input, so mono audio can be mapped to both stereo channels.

Host for VCV is available for $30 USD.

More information: VCV