UVI has launched a sale on its virtual instrument featuring a massive collection of vintage, modern and unique drum sounds.

Offered at a 60% discount, the BeatBox Anthology 2 instrument suite includes the sounds of 111 hardware drum machines with 11,000+ samples, a versatile 12-track/3-layer architecture and a built-in sequencer with MIDI drag-n-drop.

An incredible collection of vintage, modern and customized drum machine sounds representing over 50 years of grooveboxes, beat machines, drum modules, synth drums and more, from analog to digital, mainstream to obscure, BeatBox Anthology 2 delivers them all in an extraordinarily versatile and easy-to-use percussion instrument.

Explore the history of hardware drum synthesis while you design your own kits, layer different machine sounds together, and even create entirely new hybrids with precision envelopes and sample offsets, all with expertly recorded and exquisitely sliced samples that deliver the authentic and unmistakable sound of hardware.

BeatBox Anthology 2 is on sale for 59 USD/EUR through May 20th, 2024 (regular 149 USD/EUR).

More information: UVI