UVI has announced a “Buy One, Get One Free” sale on its Falcon Expansions, allowing you to expand your Falcon sound library at half price for the next few days.

Dive into Falcon’s unlimited potential with specially made expansion packs, leveraging Falcon’s architecture, and expand your sonic horizons!

The following expansion packs are available:

  • Voklm: A rich collection of organic pads, atmospheres and textures created with and inspired by the beauty of the human voice.
  • Savage: A volcanic collection of rhythmic and aggressive sequences, bass, leads, arps and more.
  • Plurality: An essential collection of evocative and expressive cinematic sounds from a modern master of sound design.
  • Titanium: A hard-hitting and aggressive collection of electronic sounds from a new generation of sound designers.
  • Eternal Funk: From thick synth bass and brass to guitar and drums, the sounds of classic Funk reimagined with the power of Falcon.
  • Pulsar: Go deep with a dynamic collection of growling basses, futuristic leads, sunken atmospheres, otherworldly pads, effects and more.
  • Devinity: Dive into Falcon with renowned electronic musician and sound designer Richard Devine. Unique animated, modular sequences, FX, pads and more await.
  • Ether Fields: Ether Fields for Falcon traverses the cosmos with deep and atmospheric pads, lush and evolving soundscapes and haunting tones.
  • Digital Motion: Digital Motion for Falcon explores rich harmonic and other-worldly visions of FM synthesis with 115 hyper-detailed, expressive and evolving patches.
  • SubCulture: SubCulture for Falcon dives to electrifying depths with dark, powerful and cinematic subs, stabs, atmospheres, FX and more.
  • Cinematic Shades: An evocative collection of sounds designed for composers and modern producers delivers powerful and emotive textures, rhythms and ambiances.
  • Atmospherics: Atmospherics for Falcon journeys through celestial auras, evolving pads and rich, unfolding tonal soundscapes.
  • Analog Motion: Analog Motion for Falcon delivers rich and dynamic timbres that evoke the golden age of analog synthesis, synth-driven pop and ’80s film scores.
  • Spectre: Spectre for Falcon ventures to the heart of precision sound design evoking the energy, detail and futuristic stylings of modern electronic music.

The offer runs through June 7th, 2020. Simply add 2 Falcon Expansions to your cart and the discount will be applied automatically.

More information: UVI