UVI has announced a Give me 5 limited time promotion, offering 5 of its soundbanks at a discount.

  • World Traditions : $49 instead of $99 – World Traditions is a sonic journey around the globe to capture the essence of several musical and percussive “Traditions” : African, Arabian, Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, Spanish and Gipsy, Brazilian, Balkanish, Celtic and even Occidental with a complete collection of typical accordions.
    This libray contains in 2.2GB more than 4500 samples, including tons of Loops and Phrases, as well as instruments presets.
  • The Seventh : $29 instead of $79 – For the first time, the last sequel of the all-time famous electric piano brand is now available as a virtual instrument.
    While sharing the same electro-mechanical design with its ancestors, this great piano also brings its own soul and character along with sound and music quality.
  • Classic Electric Piano : $19 instead of $39 – The most famous brand of electric pianos counts several models along the years. For most keyboardists, the number one model remains the one manufactured within 1975 and 1979.
    This marvelous keyboard chosen for Classic Electric Piano was deeply multi-sampled on every key with up to 10 velocity layers and release samples on every note, to capture the beauty and the warmness of the original instrument used by renowned artists like Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon, Herbie Hancock and many more…
  • Funky Clav D6 : $19 instead of $39 – Immortalized by Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, the Funky Clav D6, at first intended for classical music, took a dramatic U-turn and helped instead to define the sound of funk. Thanks to the irreverent climate of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, it took hold as one of the primary instrument sounds of funk music.
  • Killer Brass Riffs : $15 instead of $39 – This volume is full of killer authentic brass riffs. Focusing on Funk, Soul and Rhythm and Blues. From trumpet to flugle horn, sax to trombone, it’s all here just waiting to be added with just the right flare to any mix. As a bonus section: tons of hits and stabs.

The Give me 5 offer is valid until February 7, 2012.

More information: UVI