UVI has announced the release of a new collection of 111 presets from sound design maestro Simon Stockhausen. Fluidity explores the continuous states of movement, flow, and passage through time.

Sounds can be tweaked and performed on-the-fly with Macro controls and the deep editing capabilities of Falcon allow limitless customization.

The sonic explorations in Fluidity evoke a sense of natural motion and calming beauty, dazzling with small lights of technical wizardry and an ear for detail that is uniquely Simon’s.

Fluidity is organized in 7 categories including Electronic, Mallets, Sequencer, Soundscapes, Strings, Water, and Wind. Explore lush pads, glittering arpeggios, moving leads, incredible soundscapes, washing textural sounds and more. In addition, every patch is configured with between 7 and 12 macros, allowing for deep customization, performability, and sonic range. Make broad or fine stroke changes and quickly find the perfect balance for your composition.

Fluidity is available to purchase for 39 USD/EUR at the UVI store.