Valhalla DSP has announced an update to the ValhallaDelay digital delay effect plugin.

Version 2.5.0 introduces a new RichPitch mode, which combines a pitch-shifted delay signal with a lush, detuned delay signal.

It turns out that having a mix between detuned and pitch-shifted signals makes RichPitch a MUCH more powerful mode than the previous pitch-shifting modes in ValhallaDelay. The Pitch, RevPitch and PitchDuck modes always have only the pitch-shifted signal in the output and feedback loop. This can be an awesome sound, but not exactly a subtle sound.

The PitchMix control in RichPitch allows you to dial in delays with subtle harmonic overtones, reverbs with equal amounts of the original signal and pitch-shifted signals, full on crazy pitch-shifting, and everything in between. The PitchMix control is also interactive with the Feedback control. By turning up Feedback and turning down PitchMix, you can create an echo that slowly builds in pitch-shifting intensity over time, while still retaining the original pitch of your input signal.

The RichPitch mode allows for creating shimmer reverbs that can be epic, as well as subtle or more strident. The ValhallaDelay 2.5.0 installer comes with a folder full of SHIMMER presets.

Free for ValhallaDelay owners, the update also enhances compatibility with Ventura as well as a few older macOS versions. New users can try a free demo version of purchase the plugin for $50 USD.

More information: Valhalla DSP