Variety Of Sound has announced the release of a new audio plugin for Windows. FlavourMTC features a classic “passive” equalizer design where a dedicated amplifier stage amplifies the signals instead of the EQ circuits.

Those EQ designs are well known for allowing very transparent frequency changes while their amplifier designs do add some icing on the cake quite often.

FlavourMTC implements this by utilizing 1st order shelving filter designs avoiding unwanted resonances and takes advantage of “zero delay” implementations for most accurate higher order filtering and w/o introducing curve warping near Nyquist frequency. The output amplifier stage of the plugin can be calibrated according specific mixing levels, provides a distinct “box tone” and glues everything together. Parts of the plugin are oversampled internally for maximum transparency and sound quality.

FlavourMTC is free to download as a 32/64-bit VST plugin for Windows.

More information: Variety Of Sound