VCV has released Console, a mixer module for the free VCV Rack software modular system.

VCV Console

An 8-channel mixer with 3 send/return buses, built-in VCAs, constant-power panning, anti-pop switches, and soft output saturation.

VCV Console is on sale for $15 USD through December (regular $20 USD).

The last few weeks has seen the release of many 3rd party modules as well.

Matthew Friedrichs has released Hot Bunny, a random source module based on a classic West Coast design.

Hot Bunny

Each Hot Bunny has four random functions that are controlled by one master rate knob. Hot Bunny is also very low on CPU so you can simply load one wherever you need some genuine randomness in your patch!

Current price is discounted to $4.99 and included free updates for life as the full plugin set is not finished yet. The cost of the full set will be $15.

Stellare Modular includes a Turing Machine module based on Music Thing’s Turing Machine Eurorack module by Tom Whitwell.

Enzo and Sander recreated the modules based on the original schematics of the Mk2 version. Two Mk2 expanders are included: Volts and Pulses. Also available is a link module that provides a ‘link’ connection with a link enabled application like Ableton Live.

Leonardo Laguna Ruiz is offering Vult Modules, a set of modules coded in the Vult programming language, carefully designed to fit the Eurorack style of VCV Rack.

Vult Modules

The Vult modules are “Virtual Analog”. The internals of the modules are modeled using electrical circuits and differential equations, but some behaviors have been simplified when they are easy to do in code.

These modules are not emulations of an specific Eurorack module. In the case of the filters the modules try to capture the essence and the sound of the analog versions, and at the same time provide very good performance. Some of the modules, like Trummor 2, were inspired by existing hardware but have evolved into complete original designs.

monome-rack by Michael Dewberry currently includes a virtual version of the grid 128, and the white whale grid-enabled probabilistic step sequencer, which uses either a virtual grid, or a real grid connected via serialosc.

VCV monome

This is a work-in-progress plugin for the VCVRack open-source virtual modular synthesizer that implements (some of) the Eurorack modules and control hardware manufactured by monome. This is an unofficial community-driven port and no support, warranty, or affiliation is implied.

Hora Music is offering some premium drum, sequencer and mixer modules.

The complete pack of modules is available for 40 EUR, and a purchase before December 31st will include the next commercial module free: a spectral processor inspired by the Buchla 296e based on Vult DSP.

There’s also a free bundle which includes an 8 voices stereo mixer, frequency dividers, snare drum generator module based on VCV DSP, and hi-hat and clave-softbell modules based on Vult DSP.

The VCV Rack open-source virtual modular synthesizer is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

More information: VCV Rack