Caio M. Jiacomini has announced the release of Vendaval, an audio synthesizer plugin that models the sounds of wind by filtering pink noise in several different ways.

Vendaval wind synth

Caio created a procedural wind sound design algorithm for a game that he is doing audio for, and turned it into a plugin.

Vendaval features

  • Four different algorithms modeling the sound of wind wooing, gusts, background whooshes, and a low rumble, with independent controls for each sound.
  • All parameters are automable in a DAW.
  • MIDI triggered.
  • ADSR volume envelope.

Vendaval is a “pay what you like” download in VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats, including free. The open source plugin requires Csound (Csound installation files are included in the download).

Also available are the Granulera 3-oscillator granular synthesizer with randomization options and the Convulera simple and straightforward convolution plugin.

More information: Caio M. Jiacomini