Vienna Symphonic Library Appassionata Strings II

Vienna Symphonic Library releases Appassionata Strings II, a sample library of muted large string ensembles.

As their name suggests, the muted string ensembles are quite simply, passionate. Their broad and emotive cinematic sound defies expectations for a virtual instrument. They integrate perfectly well into a variety of musical styles, from pop environments to symphonic arrangements, from emotional ballads to films, from pure string beds to complete orchestral scores.


  • Violin ensemble (20 players), Viola ensemble (14 players), Cello ensemble (12 players) and Double Bass ensemble (10 players).
  • Various facets of sustains and Legato Performances.
  • Articulations such as accented interval notes, spiccatos, staccatos, various Repetition Performances, trills, and much more.
  • Vienna’s innovative “out-of-tune-samples” where various players of the ensemble carefully correct their intonation as the tone progresses.

The standard version of Appassionata Strings II contains 10,999 samples and costs 395 EUR/$515 USD. The extended library has 9,487 samples at 145 EUR/$185 USD, and the full version contains all 20,486 for 540 EUR/$700 USD.

Check here for a description of the sample content for each version.

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