Vienna Symphonic Library has released Synchron-ized Historic Winds Packs, a collection of 10 libraries featuring instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

When you’re looking for an unconventional approach to wind instruments, or want to explore authentic instruments that were used 300 to 500 years ago, this treasure trove of carefully preserved and irreplaceable instruments offers a broad range of ancient woodwind and brass sounds.

All Synchron-ized Historic Winds Packs contain performances that were originally recorded for the VI Collections Historic Winds I, II, III and VI Recorders that were re-edited and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player.

The virtual instruments are authentic recreations of the sounds that inspired composers like Bach, Händel, Haydn and Mozart to craft their master works. Many of these instruments are difficult to play and require not only great skill, but also a lot of practice and effort from the player – sometimes it’s extraordinarily difficult to produce a stable, centered tone. With these virtual instruments, you’ll reap the benefits of their unique tone colors without having to worry about the challenges of performance.

The packs are available for purchase starting from 45 EUR during the introductory promotion through October 4th, 2021. The SYNCHRON-ized Historic Winds Package bundle is priced 490 EUR. Crossgrade prices from VI Historic Winds I-III and Recorders as well as from the Synchron-ized Special Edition Vol. 7 are available as well.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library