Universal Audio has posted a video in which producer, engineer and mixer Jacquire King compares vintage analog hardware with Apollo and Unison plugins.

Jacquire King speaks the same way he produces and mixes records: he’s direct, to-the-point, and avoids unnecessary hype. It’s an approach that has served the 50-year-old Washington, D.C. native well, from his previous perch at Nashville’s legendary Blackbird Studios to his Grammy-winning work with Kings of Leon, Buddy Guy, and Tom Waits.

A longtime fan of Universal Audio plug-ins and analog gear, the 30-time Grammy-nominated and multiple Grammy-winning King recently put Apollo’s pioneering Unison™ mic preamp technology to the test in a live session at Blackbird Studio G, with electronic-soul artist Jamie Lidell and a cast of all-star players.

We sat down to get King’s take on the session, and his insights into mixing, recording, and tracking through Unison mic preamps with Apollo interfaces.

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