Vintage Synth Pads has updated the Legendary soundset, now including both VST and RE versions for The Legend synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

For a long time to many people, the word Moog meant the same as synthesizer. It is indeed the most legendary name in the business.

So many ground breaking recordings have, and are still done with Moog synthesizers. Synapse Audio did a great job with Legend.

This plugin inspired us to release a soundset that focuses on sounds from the early days of Moog. Being a preset/patch developer that has a strong focus on Vintage Sounds, “Legendary” is a very special project for us.

Over the years we have received many emails from our customer’s requesting presets from their favorite artist including Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Keith Emerson, Wendy Carlos, Jean-Michel Jarre and others.

After hearing the Legend softsynth from Synapse Audio, I realised this would be the synth to make the “Legendary” preset collection for.

Legendary for Synapse Audio Legend is 125 Vintage presets featuring classic instruments from the early days of Moog synthesis.

The Legendary soundset is available for purchase for $24.98 USD.

More information: Vintage Synth Pads / Legendary for Synapse Audio Legend