VirSyn has announced PRISM – The Pitch Designer, a pitch effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

We all know how a multi-band filters work: You can independently change the audio level in each band. Now imagine you could shift the pitch in each band up or down ranging from a few cent to 6 octaves in realtime… PRISM makes this come true with stunning quality.

VirSyn has posted a few mp3s to show what PRISM does. More information will be available soon.

A new Take Five FX bundle is available for € 499 EUR. It contains BARK, MATRIX, REFLECT, TDESIGN and VTAPE, and if you buy it before July 31st, 2008, you’ll get a free copy of PRISM. Special upgrade offers are available if you already have one or more of these plug-ins.

Visit VirSyn for more information.