vladg/sound has updated its Molot freeware compressor effect plug-in to version 0.3.

vladg/sound Molot

Molot: the compressor with character

Changes in Molot v0.3

  • VU-meter calibrated for -18 dBFS, 300 ms.
  • “Oversampling” default value in presets now automatically scaled down for the projects
  • with high sample rates.
  • Current settings can be saved as “Default” preset parameters.
  • External stereo sidechain support (from inputs 3, 4) added.
  • “1/10” multiplier parameter added to set very short attack and release times.
  • Numeric parameter values now can be seen.
  • Linear phase oversampling support added.

Molot for Windows (VST) is available as a free download.

More information: vladg/sound / Molot