VB Audio has announced the release of updates to its Voicemeeter products, bringing various improvements and new features to Voicemeeter Standard, Voicemeeter Banana and Voicemeeter Potato virtual audio device and mixer software for Windows.

The update fixes different issues reported during the past year and offers many new functions through MIDI Mapping with feedback, to control motorized fader and LED buttons, the remote API to control more functions in MacroButtons application, the VBAN protocol, now including a PING identification service and VBAN-Chat for better connection checking. The MacroButtons application can also now be remoted by VBAN-TEXT.

The application volume mixer (inside Voicemeeter Potato Virtual Inputs strip) has been completely revised to display more connected applications and real time level meters for better audio source control. The 4 first applications in the list can even be mapped to a MIDI controller with MIDI feedback, making it possible to manage application volume separately with physical faders.

The new Voicemeeter versions are now integrating different diagnostic tools to check if the audio driver installation is correct (and has not been corrupted by WIN10 update) and provide different functions to prevent recurrent audio problems, for example unexpected device disconnections are now detected and shown in red. VBAN UDP port conflicts with other applications are also detected.

Currently only available to Windows users, Voicemeeter Standard, Voicemeeter Banana and Voicemeeter Potato are available as donationware. VB Audio aims to offer Mac support in 2021.

More information: VB Audio