Voltage Disciple has announced the release of Volt 90, an drumrack pack for Ableton Live featuring five new drumrack instruments based on 24bit/96kHz samples from a modified Roland CR8000 drum machine.

Each drum sound in the racks includes its own EQ and Limiter and macro controls which mimic the modified controls added to the original machine to let the user add snap, tuning, attack, decay and other changes to each drum sound. This gives you a unique representation of a modified rare and classic drum machine under the control of Ableton Live.

The pack includes 50 midi clips, 5 drumracks, 5 Live sets, grooves as well as a folder containing all the samples used in the pack at 24bit/96kHz. This enables the user to build their own drumracks or modify the sounds even further. These samples are unavailable anywhere else. Our good friend Woody let us sample the instrument before it was passed on to a new owner.

Each drumrack also has macro controls for subtle reverb, drive and heavy NYC compression. The kick drums have had there high and low components EQ’d separately to allow the user to increase or decrease the amount of click in each of the sounds.

Volt 90 (for Live/Suite 8.2.2 or higher) is available to purchase for $10 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple