Vovoid MonoMonster

I happened to come across a nice little freeware VSTi called MonoMonster, a simple dualoscillator monosynth. It’s a bit old (2003) but sounds pretty good.


  • VCO Parameters: Course, Detune, Wave1 and Wav2 (Saw or Square), Slide, Amplitude velocity, Mix
  • VCF Parameters: Mode (two lowpass filter types), Cutoff (midi cc 105), Resonance (midi cc 106), with velocity and modulation envelopes for cutoff and resonance
  • MOD ENV Parameters: Modulation envelope attack, hold and decay, Gate/Trigger Mode (env. triggered on the first note or
    on every note)
  • VCA Parameters: Envelope attack and release

It reminded me a little bit of another simple but sweet sounding VSTi, TB4005.

Visit Vovoid for more information and a link to download MonoMonster v1.06.