Voxengo has announced the Global Group Buy 2009.

We at Voxengo are pleased to offer you to take part in our “Global Group Buy 2009” that helps us both: you get discount bonuses for future Voxengo web site purchases, we get more customers. By placing an order during this group buy period you increase the chance to see a higher bonus. Invite your friends and colleagues! Get a bonus for Christmas purchases! This group buy will be active for a month, between October 12th, 2009 and November 12th, 2009.

This group buy being “Global” covers ALL Voxengo software titles – you may purchase ANY Voxengo software product to add its point value to the “total points” of this group buy. No special registration beside web site log in is required – simply place an order and perform a payment. The “point value” of each purchased product is predefined. The higher the “total points” level is reached the higher discount bonus will be awarded to all customers who participated. Please look at the web page table that displays the bonus schedule.

At the end of the group buy period each customer will receive a discount bonus which equals to the reached bonus percentage multiplied by the sum of order(s) placed by that customer during the period of this group buy. For example, if you have spent USD 100 during this group buy, and at the end of the group buy the bonus percentage reached 55%, you will get 55 USD discount bonus for all future Voxengo web site purchases (note that you may use your discount bonus account to reduce up to 75% of a future order sum – the remaining part should be paid in cash).

More information: Voxengo / Global Group Buy 2009