Imaginando has announced an update to the VS – Visual Synthesizer software designed to let you easily create visuals that react to your music and MIDI.

Version 1.1.1 includes support for NDI (Network Device Interface) output, and VS recordings now include audio.

VS provides a creative way to generate beautiful graphical representations of your music projects. Driven by both audio and MIDI data, VS is the visual equivalent of a traditional synthesizer.

VS takes the concept of music visualisation to a whole new level of customisation and expression, putting you in control and giving you the power to perform however you want.

Changes in VS v1.1.1

  • NDI output support.
  • Screen recording now includes audio.
  • Improved timing consistency for recordings.
  • LFO triggering by ANY or specific MIDI channel.
  • General bug fixes and improvements.

VS 1.1.1 for Windows, Mac and iOS is available to download now for existing users. New users can purchase the software for 99 EUR or rent-to-own at 9.90 EUR per month. The iOS version is $19.99 USD.

More information: Imaginando