VSL Symphonic Cube Instrument Collection

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the Symphonic Cube, a collection of Virtual Instruments with more than 550GB of sounds.

Over the next few months, VSL will release ten Vienna Instruments that form the Symphonic Cube: Solo Strings, Chamber Strings, Orchestral Strings I & II, Harps, Brass I & II, Woodwinds I & II, and Percussion will contain a combined total of over 550 GB or more than 800,000 stereo samples in 44.1kHz/24 bit quality.

Each of the 10 collections comes with the Software Instrument, Standard Library, and Extended Library on DVD. For each Collection’s Standard Price customers get the software instrument (i.e., the audio engine with its user interface) and the Standard Library.

Registered users of Vienna’s existing sample libraries will be granted extensive discounts to upgrade to the Extended Libraries of the Vienna Instruments. The price of a Collection’s Extended Library depends on how many single instruments a user is adding and how many sample libraries are already registered.

In addition to announcing the Symphonic Cube, VSL is presenting a Symphonic Cube Early Bird Offer with an additional library thrown in for free and a 35% Holiday Discount on all Pro Edition and Horizon Series sample libraries through January 6.

For more information, visit the Vienna Symphonic Library website.