W.A. Production has announced the launch of a new limited time bundle offer. The Deluxe Vocal Bundle features a collection of 9 audio plugins that are useful for vocal processing, offered at a huge 96% discount.

Professional sounding vocals can often be the difference between a hit track and just another song lost in the mix. However, getting that commercially viable sound can be impossible without the right tools. This common challenge is what inspired us to create this incredible bundle!

The Deluxe Vocal Bundle includes a big amount of reliable plugins designed to take your raw vocal and turn it into a radio-ready anthem. Once you get your copy, you’ll have everything you need to make your topline shine!

Deluxe Vocal Bundle features

  • Vocal Cleaner: De-noise, De-ess & Noise Gate.
  • Orchid: Chorus on steroids.
  • Vocal Compressor: Easy to use compression designed especially for vocals.
  • Vocal Splitter: Create wide and modern vocals from a mono source.
  • Mutant Delay: Clean sounding algorithmic reverb with built-in ducker.
  • Mutant Reverb: Host-synced delay with built-in ducker.
  • Imprint: Multiband transient shaper.
  • Screamo: Talk-box/screamer hybrid that can groove along with your track.
  • Outlaw: Gain-riding plugin with smooth gain leveling and a wealth of features.

The bundle is on sale for $14.90 USD at W.A. Production and Plugin Boutique until January 7th, 2021.

W.A. Production has also launched various other deals as part of a Black Friday Sale, including 96% off on the Ultimate MIDI Bundle (InstaScale, InstaChord, MIDIQ + Expansion packs), 93% off on the bundle of Babylon & Expansions, and lots more.

More information: W.A. Production