W.A. Production has released its latest sample pack Eastern Trance Vocals, a collection of vocal construction kits, melody loops and phrases.

There’s something special about Sinhala vocals mixed with massive synths and driving bass lines. We can’t get enough of that sound! That’s why we decided to bring you this incredible pack — What About: Eastern Trance Vocals!

What About: Eastern Trance Vocals contains a huge collection of female vocals, designed for Trance and bigger EDM genres, and sung in the Sinhala language. This pack includes 6 Vocal Construction Kits with all their vocal layers, MIDI, and Presets you need to learn how a vocal track like this is created. Plus, you’ll get a fantastic selection of chopped-up Vocal Phrases and Vocal Melody Loops so you can plug these amazing sounds into any production. Be sure to spice up your track with these incredible vocals!

Also available is Supreme Slap House, a 3GB collection of Serum synth presets, loops and samples, construction kits, and more.

Slap House is here to stay, and so are its infectious melodies and driving rhythms. But how do you craft a track that is on par with the pros? By studying them of course! That’s why we’re bringing you What About: Supreme Slap House from W. A. Production.

What About: Supreme Slap House contains 5 Construction Kits along with their corresponding Ableton projects so you can learn exactly how a professional producer goes about creating these epic tracks. In addition to these kits, you’ll receive a collection of Serum Presets, Loops, and One-Shots, all designed for the Slap House genre, for you to go and build your own masterpieces with. With Supreme Slap House, you’ll have everything you need and more to get started on your next Slap House anthem. So what are you waiting for?

The sample packs are available to purchase at the introductory price of $12.50 USD each for a limited time (regular $24.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production