W.A. Production has launched its new plugin MIDIQ, an innovative MIDI sequence generator for both studio and live applications, featuring a unique and highly interactive user interface.

MIDIQ aims to kickstart concepts for chord sequences, harmonies and bass lines.

Generating near-limitless chord sequence possibilities, MIDIQ uses a simple pattern language for the definition of repeating chords. The layout resembles a slot machine so the interface is very visual. In fact, you don’t need any knowledge of music theory to get some great results from MIDIQ.

Whenever you add or change a pattern symbol, the algorithm generates a chord for this position and also creates a set of eight alternative chord sequences for the current pattern of symbols. A click on one of the chord boxes is enough to switch to a new variant. Truly inspiring stuff.

MIDIQ features

  • Innovative user interface featuring a pattern definition area for chords.
  • Individual adjustments of MIDI velocity and muting of a generated chord.
  • Powered by intelligent algorithms for chord sequence generation.
  • Simplified piano roll display.
  • Factory Presets.
  • Drag to export.

MIDIQ is available from W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique for the intro price of £8.99 GBP / $11.80 USD until January 7th, 2020 (80% off regular). It comes in VST and AU plugin formats.