Waldorf announces limited edition Blofeld

Waldorf Blofeld / Blofeld Keyboard Black

Waldorf has announced limited edition version of the Blofeld and Blofeld Keyboard synthesizers.

Deep in the subterranean Waldorf Laboratories, our scientists have finally discovered the finish that delivers the best sound. We almost had forgot about them when the resurfaced and proudly presented the result of their almost endless struggle to find the ideal material: Neither Mauve nor Lavender nor Ochre result in optimal sound, but a special electron absorbing coating in deep black.

The explanation is simple: as more absorbed electrons reach the inner digital and analog workings of Blofeld and casue each bit to be stronger pronounced, resulting in a very defined and detailled sound. This makes our new Black Blofeld sound even better than before. The new black Blofeld is produced 100% in German Schwarzarbeit and is available only on the black market.

More information: Waldorf

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Rob Lee
Rob Lee

I have one reserved :-) A brilliant synth indeed i’ll enjoy programming the new banks for this excellent piece of hardware.. good job Waldorf.

Rob Lee

Rob Lee
Rob Lee

Yeah i also have the White desktop so i’ll probably keep my new limited edition in the box for 10yrs and see what it’s worth then hehe.



@ Ronnie
“I don’t want any more hardware”
Any hardware synths? :D