Waveform Recordings Raw Techno

Waveform Recordings has launched Raw Techno, a sample pack featuring a modern fusion of cutting-edge Berlin techno & tech house, with hints of the Detroit & Chicago Days.

Waveform deliver 350+MB of pure Analog sounds and loops. Raw Techno introduces a new mini-series, for the young and/or cost conscious producer, to get started making serious beats at a lower entry price-point.

This pack includes everything from rumbling basslines, aggressive beats, unique percussion, dark synths, vocal phrases, shuffling tops & much more.

Waveform bring a more raw and true side of tough underground techno and tech house with this release, making it simple for producers of any genre to benefit from these sculpted wide-open sounds.

The sample pack is available from Sounds To Sample for 17.50 EUR.

Visit Sounds To Sample for more information.