Access Virus B

Waveformless Soundware has announced the release of a free Assemblage 23 Bank for Access Virus, a collection of 128 patches.

Here’s a special treat for the hardware lovers. A number of years ago, I released a free bank of sounds for the Access Virus that I had programmed for my project Assemblage 23. The place they were hosted no longer exists, and I frequently get asked to upload them again, so here you go! 128 sounds for the Virus B and above.

Import the MIDI sys-ex file into your DAW of choice with the Virus selected and make sure the Virus is set up to receive Sys-ex, and you should be good to go. Consult your Virus or DAW manual for more info if you get stuff.

The soundset is a free download.

More information: Assemblage 23 Bank for Access Virus