Wavelore Instruments Slide Whistle, free instrument now for Kontakt


Wavelore has released an updated version of Slide Whistle, a virtual sampled whistle instrument previously released in GVI/GS3 format.

Wavelore Instruments Slide WhistleWavelore Instruments Slide Whistle for Kontakt

This instrument, (~30 megabytes zipped), uses extensive formant-corrected portamento scripting with 8-way round robin staccato samples, expression filters, and other controls to allow you unsurpassed expressive capabilities in a small, free instrument.

It also comes with a 5-page manual in .pdf format. Check it out!

Slide Whistle is now available as a free download for Kontakt 2 and higher and GVI/GS3.

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Slide Whistle

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Uoooooh, free crippleware, completely useless. Sign me up for that. oh yeah.

When free is just a spit in the face.