Wavelore American Zither

Wavelore has updated American Zither to version 1.10.

American Zither is a 24-bit virtual instrument powered by TASCAM’s GVI engine.

A Zither is a stringed instrument having usually 30 to 40 strings over a shallow horizontal soundboard and played with pick and fingers. The samples in The American Zither library were performed not with pick or fingers, but with wooden mallets. More details about the American Zither can be found here.

Updated in v1.10

  • GVI engine update to v. 3.63
  • Four additional versatile small hand drum instruments: Small Darbuka, Smaller Darbuka, Small Bongo, Smaller Bongo. (These instruments use 8-16 way round robin for repetitions, and the DEF filter in velocity-sensitive mode for morphing of the round robin samples through a continuous range of dynamics)
  • Inclusion of the Free Wavelore Slide Whistle (hitherto available only as a GS3/GVI instrument) in the WLAZ interface

American Zither costs USD 79.95 (or 59.95 if you already own a Synchrosoft license) + shipping. A one-octave demo is available for download.

Visit Wavelore for more information.