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Waves has announced YourWaves, an interactive online Waves store offering three exciting new ways for users to get the Waves plug-ins of their choice, from different Waves bundles.

At register.waves.com/yourwaves, users can sign up for “Artist Choice,” “Quick Choice” or “Custom Choice,” each providing different approaches and plug-in options for the user

Waves YourWaves

  • “Artist Choice” is ideal for users who are curious as to which plug-ins are employed on favorite recordings and by top award-winning engineers. With YourWaves Artist Choice, audio heavyweights Andrew Scheps, Gil Norton, Thom Russo, Ross Hogarth and Scott Martin Gershin have each hand-picked a selection of the Waves plug-ins they cannot live (or work) without, giving consumers access to these masters’ signature sounds. More artists will be added to the YourWaves Artist Choice roster in the future.
  • “Quick Choice” lets users choose any five plug-ins from selected groups to get the most costeffective and specific combination. Also, if a user only has a certain budget, Quick Choice can build the perfect plug-in package to fit that user’s desired applications.
  • “Custom Choice” offers, for the very first time, the option to compile personalized collections of Waves plug-ins, and tailor their selections to precisely suit their production needs – the exact plug-ins they want; no more, no less.

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