Waves has announced the release of Cobalt Saphira, an advanced harmonics shaping tool for Windows and Mac.

Waves Cobalt Saphira

The “glue” and depth of analog. The creative control of digital.

Cobalt Saphira is the first harmonic enhancement plugin that allows you to mix the harmonics you’re adding, using EQ, even and odd harmonic balancing (Edge and Warmth), various harmonic modes, and more.

Cobalt Saphira gives you a full palette of analog colors that can be digitally tailored exactly how you like it.

Cobalt Saphira features

  • Analog harmonic enhancement with full digital control.
  • Edge and Warmth controls – allowing you to balance tube, solid-state and transformer qualities in order to achieve various levels of even and odd harmonic enhancement.
  • 4-band EQ for separate control of the frequency spectrum of the even (Edge) and odd (Warmth) harmonics.
  • Seven different harmonics modes for your tweaking pleasure.
  • Tape depth with five different tape speeds to choose from.
  • Great for “gluing” your sub-groups and master buss.

Cobalt Saphira is available for the introductory price of $99 USD (regular $149 USD).

More information: Waves / Cobalt Saphira