Waves UM225 / UM226

Waves has released UM225 / UM226, two new stereo-to-surround processors, which bring Waves quality to the new surround soundscape.

Using patented center and rear channel extraction processes, together with a unique LFE channel enrichment process, the UM225 for 5.0 and the UM226 for 5.1 deliver improved surround imaging, for a wider soundscape with better separation.

UM225 / UM226 features

  • Profile modes for music and movies.
  • Enhanced clarity and separation of frontal center.
  • LFE channel LoAir enrichment with cutoff-frequency control.
  • Adjustable rear channel ambience and delay.
  • Intuitive surround graph.

UM225 / UM226 is available in Native ($300 USD) and TDM ($600 USD) versions. Users of Mercury and 360° Surround Tools covered by Waves Update Plan get the plug-ins at no additional charge.

Visit Waves for more information.