Waves Audio has announced the availability of Waves V13, bringing native M1 compatibility with ARM Silicon computers, compatibility for all DAWs providing Windows 11 support, HiDPI graphics for selected plugins, and more.

Changes in Waves V13

  • New: Hi-resolution (HiDPI) graphics for the Abbey Road RS124, Scheps Omni Channel, and Kaleidoscopes.
  • New: Unicode support enabling use of non-English characters in:
    • Track name (Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain, Scheps Omni Channel, CLA MixHub).
    • Preset names.
    • Location of sample libraries.
  • New: Direct link from within each plugin to its product page via the WaveSystem bar.
  • Improved: HiDPI compatibility with supporting DAWs.
  • Improved: Smoothing algorithm added to eliminate click artifacts during parameter change in SSL G-EQ.
  • Improved: Plugins opened within Scheps Omni Channel now open in a separate floating window.
  • Improved: Added preference to select auto-launch of the Waves Head Tracker option in all Waves Nx plugins: Abbey Road Studio 3, CLA Nx, Nx Ocean Way Nashville and Nx Virtual Mix Room.
  • Waves Local Server Update v12.13.0.18 – Global update across all Waves versions 11-13.

Users covered by the Waves Update Plan can update plugins to V13. Waves is offering up to $20 USD off your next purchase (minimum purchase $50 USD) when you renew your Waves Update Plan.

More information: Waves Audio