Wavesfactory has announced the release of Demonic Virtuoso, a harpsichord instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Wavesfactory Demonic Virtuoso

Recorded with 3 microphone positions: close, decca and outrigger. 4 round robin, all notes sampled (no pitch shifting), time based release samples. Behaviour, sound and playability faithfully replicated thanks to our advanced script. We can proudly say that there are no difference between this library and the original instrument.

GUI rendered in 3D that lets you control each mic separately, the number of round robins, velocity curve, dynamic range, apply filters, stereo imaging, sample start offset and release volume.
Why this name? The most liked comment on Facebook would name the library and win a free copy. Szymon Szewczyk won with “Demonic Virtuoso”.

Rack Effects script included with 12 DSP effects including convolution with 30 impulses.

Demonic Virtuoso for Kontakt 4 and higher (full version) is available for the introductory price of 19.95 EUR until February 15th, 2016 (regular 29 EUR). Previous customers who purchased W-Harpsichord get an additional 50% off. Contact Wavesfactory for details.

More information: Wavesfactory / Demonic Virtuoso