Samples From Mars has announced the release of its new drum sample pack Wendel From Mars, a collection that offers a unique take on rare ’80s drum sounds.

Making its debut in 1984, the Wendel Jr. was a lighting-fast drum replacer featuring acoustic drum and percussion samples engineered by Roger Nichols. Based on its $80,000 predecessor (simply known as the Wendel), the Jr. featured the same samples – most famously used on Steely Dan’s Gaucho album and a slew of hits from country to rock.

The Wendel emphatically stated it was not a drum machine, and instead intended to replace drum machines’ “horrible” sounds. But since we love drum machines, we decided to turn it into one, sourcing 20 of the original cartridges and creating the most extensive multi-sample Wendel pack in existence.

Wendel From Mars features

  • 1,536 96kHz 24bit WAV Samples.
  • Available at 96 kHz and 44.1 kHz.
  • Clean and processed versions for all hits.
  • 7 16x Hit Kits for easy jamming.
  • 24 Multi-sampled pitches for Kick, 4 Snares, 4 Cowbells, Echo, Cross Stick, Block, Hi Hats, Ducks (Guiros), Tom, Explosion, and Handclaps.
  • All samples from the original Wendel Jr. cartridges.
  • 100% Hardware processing.
  • 292 MB Unzipped (96k).
  • 166.7 MB Unzipped (44.1k).

The pack includes kits in various formats (Ableton Live, Kontakt, Logic EXS, Reason NNXT, SFZ, Maschine, Battery, FL Studio, Reason Kong, MPC1000, MPC2500, MPC Live and MPC X).

Wendel From Mars is on sale at an introductory 40% discount for a limited time. The regular price is $29 USD for 44.1 kHz and $31 USD for 44.1 kHz/96 kHz. The pack is also included in the All The Samples From Mars and All The Drums bundles.

More information: Samples From Mars