Whitebox Synth Makers has released Meanwhile, a free sound pack for Ableton Live and Max for Live.

Whitebox Meanwhile

Thinking of randomising sounds in an Eno-esque way I put four samples into a rack (naming them as vaguely as possible AFTER BEFORE DURING EARLIER) and used Max’s brilliant Device randomiser on three of them. One remains fairly straight to provide a sense of a root note.

Then I added a specific (variable) effect to each sound.

  1. “After” has redux on/off
  2. “Before” has filter room reverb
  3. “During” has electric distortion
  4. “Earlier’ has the Brooklyn resonator. Mess around with this until it makes some biscuits. FREE till your cows come home

Meanwhile is a free download. Requires Ableton Live and Max for Live.

More information: Whitebox Synth Makers