Plugin Boutique has announced a Black Friday promotion on Wide Blue Sound, offering a 50% discount on Kontakt instruments and expansions for a limited time.

Wide Blue Sound develops revolutionary instruments for breathtaking organic and aggressive pulses, stratospheric textures and cutting-edge sound design.

The sale includes the Orbit ($99 USD) and Eclipse ($74 USD) instrument libraries, as well as the more recent Elysium ($99 USD) one-of-a-kind hybrid instrument for creating pulses, arps, and synthetic percussion parts.

Introducing ELYSIUM, an inspiring synthesizer that combines tonal rhythms with beautiful sounds to present a “utopia of possibility”.

With an entirely new way to create striking pulses, beautiful organic arpeggios, evolving pads, and one-of-a-kind hybrid instruments, Elysium simply cannot be replicated by any other synth on the market.

Expansions are priced $19 USD during the offer, which is valid until December 3rd, 2023.

More information: Wide Blue Sound