Williams has announced the release of Legato, a low-priced full-size digital piano.

Williams Legato

Williams Legato features 88 semi-weighted keys and five classic sounds: piano, electric piano, organ, synth, and bass. Designed for beginning to intermediate keyboardists, the Legato combines professional features with simple, convenient operation and full portability. This makes it a perfect choice for anyone wishing to play or learn music, even on a limited budget.

Beginning players will immediately appreciate the Legato’s layout and operation. Turn it on, select a sound, and start playing! The weighted, velocity-sensitive keys have a traditional feel, helping even new musicians sound great through the on-board speakers. A fully adjustable metronome and integrated music stand are also included.

To help get the most out of its five rich keyboard sounds, the Williams Legato includes a host of professional features, including reverb and chorus. The split/layer function supports the use of two sounds, either voicing them together or dividing the keyboard to produce different sounds from the left and right hands. A USB port enables connection to a computer and MIDI control ability, making the Legato a great tool for home studio enthusiasts.

Weighing less than 20 pounds despite its full 50-inch width, the battery-powered Legato is an ideal portable keyboard for beginning and intermediate musicians. It also includes a headphone jack for silent operation, RCA connectors for connection to external speakers, and a full User’s Manual. The optional Williams ESS1 Essentials Pack provides a wall socket adapter for AC operation along with a sustain pedal and a pair of high quality headphones.

Legato is available from Guitar Center retail stores and Musician’s Friend for a street price of $199.99 USD.

More information: Williams / Legato