Wlodzimierz Grabowski releases Samplelord

Wlodzimierz Grabowki Samplelord

Wlodzimierz Grabowski has released Samplelord, a sample player which can work as a VSTi plug-in or standalone application. It can load different sounds in different formats and play them in real-time like a sound module.


  • Ultra Fast Engine – fast engine and very low CPU usage
  • 8, 16, 24, 32-bit, 64-bit sample support at any samplerate
  • Supports Dimensions, Keyswitching, Cycle Ribbon, Cycle Random, Crossfading, Controller switching, Controller’s crossfading
  • Uses special Dynamic Disk Streaming to load samples directly from disk
  • Fast & Direct Access to Formats like GIG, SF2, FXP, NKI, EX, WAV, AIFF it plays them directly from disk without any re-conversion and re-saving to HD, it uses our excellent extreme conversion module
  • VSTi Windows Plug-in format (other formats will come in)
  • 16 Multi Track, 16 midi inputs freely configurable with its custom routing
  • Multiple 16 Stereo Outputs with total control of all multi parts and its custom routing
  • Built-in HD Browser with Drag & Drop functions
  • Complete MIDI integration with complete General MIDI Support
  • Virtual Keyboard with patch preview
  • Multiple instances and Low Memory usage each instance shares the same program resources. Each instance adds 512 voices which gives you an unlimited polyphony
  • IQ Sound Edit – one touch for controlling different sound parameters in real-time, filter, envelopes, lfo, pitch, tune, pitch-bend even x-fade for the looped samples
  • Independent Save, Load, Archive options. With archive you can backup your work and loaded samples
  • Quick start and ready to work in a one second
  • Different color themes it’s possible to select your favorite color theme
  • Simple and Logical user interface just run and play
  • Standalone version with ASIO support and free channel routings
  • Innovative Native Format it’s possible to save samples in its native format, thanks to this samples can be loaded, saved and re-saved extremely fast
  • and many more surprising possibilities …

Samplelord can be purchased for 89.90 EUR (or save 40 EUR with the bundle including Extreme Sample Converter for 129.90 EUR).

Visit the Samplelord website for more information.

Sample Logic Drum Fury

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