Fracture Sounds has announced the first virtual instrument in a new series of collaborations with talented composers and artists.

Woodchester Piano was produced in close collaboration with film and TV composer James Everingham. It features his Wilh. Steinberg German Series upright piano, intimately recorded with the felt pedal engaged.

Fracture Sounds Woodchester Piano

We visited James’s studio and spent several days carefully sampling every nuance of the instrument. We then spent many months mixing, polishing and fine-tuning the instrument, resulting in a stunning virtual piano with a beautifully versatile sound, which is truly inspiring to play.

Woodchester Piano also includes key release and pedal samples, a unique pianist noise feature to add subtle rustling and wood creaks for heightened realism, and adjustable colour control to dial in the perfect tone for your composition.

Woodchester Piano features

  • 88-key felted upright piano.
  • Beautiful warm, characterful and versatile sound.
  • 3 unique atmosphere layers.
  • True pedal up and down samples, for authentic string resonance.
  • Controllable key release, pedal, and pianist noise.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • 1.1GB download size (NCW compressed from a 2.2GB sample pool).

Woodchester Piano for Kontakt 5.3 or higher (full version) is available for an introductory price of £39 GBP, until March 20th. The regular price is £59 GBP.

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More information: Fracture Sounds